Chris Novinger, from Mansfield, Texas, is a low-risk retirement consultant and investor. Having written two books that are integral to modern investment strategies, Chris Novinger can be called an innovator whose contributions have added significantly to his field.   Chris’ life has been grounded in a commitment to service.  He views his work as a way to provide people with the same stability he enjoys in his own life.

Chris Novinger

Chris Novinger

Chris Novinger is the managing partner at Safe Retirement Experts.  He is an expert at tailoring investment plans specifically to meet client’s requirements by allocating their funds into safer and low-risk options that will allow them to retire with peace of mind and a secure future.

The Estate Black Book and the Client Profile Assessment are Novinger’s books serving as innovative necessities in the financial industry.  Chris Novinger created the Estate Black Book to act as a specific directory, or road-mapping strategy for advisors.  The Client Profile Assessment is a specially designed questionnaire used to easily and efficiently pin point specific individual client needs, making it possible for a financial advisor to quickly zero in on the varying scenarios unique to each individual’s purposes.

One of Chris Novinger’s major principals is a commitment to service.  He has been involved in his community and at Creekwood Church, as a part timePastor, for many years.  Chris has not only dedicated much of his spare time to helping within his community, but strives to apply that service mind-set in his work at SRE.  This attitude of service is very important to Chris because he believes the best way to show that he cares for someone is through service to them.

Chris was lucky enough to find and marry his soul mate.  He and his wife have been married for almost 20 years.  They have two lovely children, ages 13 and 18.  Chris believes that his dedication to his family is part of what makes life so meaningful and stable.  Chris has been an advocate for extending this level of dedication beyond his family and into his community and workplace throughout his life.  With an eye for excellence and a mind for strategizing the best available products, Chris pursues for his clients, the best possible financial future, and one that is safe and secure in which they can retire with comfort and ease.